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The Ultimate List of Reading & Book Subreddits

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

The Best Subreddits for Reading and Books

Hello fellow Readers! We have canvassed the vast expanse that is Reddit to give you a concise and handy guide for the best reading and book related subreddits on the platform. If you have not discovered reddit yet (seriously?) you really should get involved. No matter what your interest, you can find a community to participate in.

Uh, what's a subreddit?

subreddit is a specific online community, and the posts associated with it, on the social media website Reddit. Subreddits are dedicated to a particular topic that people write about, and they're denoted by /r/, followed by the subreddit's name, e.g., /r/gaming. -

The subreddits listed below can be a great source of inspiration, entertainment and social interaction to help feed the reader in you. With active communities and a constant stream of content - these are the subreddits to subscribe to if you love reading.

Ranked below by number of members. Lets get into it!


Link to r/books subreddit

I am sure you are not surprised this is on the list....

r/books is the largest and most active book related subreddit on the platform (Over 17 million members!). As you can see this a moderated subreddit, which means that the rules of the subreddit will be enforced to keep things in order.

The number one rule of the group is that all posts must be directly book related, informative and discussion focused. Uncivil behaviour will not be tolerated and this is not a subreddit for recommendations, requests or help for your homework (read on for subreddits that are precisely for those things). Another cool feature is that any posts containing spoilers for a book will be marked - ensuring you don't unintentionally spoil a book you have not yet read or completed.


r/literature covers a broader range of material. Discussion can focus on plays, poetry, short stories and novels.

Those submitting on this subreddit must include their own analysis within the body or comments of each post. We have found posts to be generally of a high quality, with redditors taking the time to respond with thoughtful and insightful comments. It's perfect for those looking for a more academic and deeper discussion around literature.


Not sure what to read next? This is a common challenge for all readers at one point or another. It's actually the reason we started this blog and our free weekly 'Quotes and Reading Suggestions' service (sign up here!).

This subreddit doesn't need much explaining. Perfect to use when you have a theme, author or specific type of book you would like to read and get suggestions from the 600,000+ members in the community.


Reading does not have to cost a fortune. This subreddit is great for sourcing completely free ebooks.

All posts are about free, downloadable, ebooks. Illegal downloads are not permitted - so everything should be above board. On a budget? Then check them out for some great free ebook suggestions.


Another book suggestion subreddit? Yes.

While a smaller community than r/suggestmeabook, this subreddit can still help you find great titles to read. It is a little less strictly moderated but has an active community and a good atmosphere (friendly and helpful comments).


Audio books are a great resource for any book nerd. This group provides suggested audio books and has regular threads for new releases as well as weekly round ups where redditors can share what they have been listening to this week.

If like us you enjoy audio books (especially for when you are driving!) and the Audible service, then this is a good subreddit to subscribe to.


Like the idea of a book club but can't find one locally or prefer a more virtual setting?

This club is open to all. The community discuss specific works which are selected by vote each month (go Democracy).

This is an easy and great way to make your reading more social and interactive.


This 70,000+ community is all about posting high quality images related to books.

Most of the posts are of book covers, libraries and book shelves. For those that do most of their reading on a Kindle or eBook reader it is nice to have any easy way to view and appreciate beautiful book covers. As you are scrolling through, don't be surprised if you get some reading ideas along the way. Share your favourites!


We love reading genuine, paper books. But we also use a Kindle a lot. It's just so convenient being able to carry so many books in a light and portable device (especially when traveling!). Personally we use the Kindle Paperwhite - and the built in adjustable light certainly helps us read into the night without disturbing anyone.

The r/kindle subreddit is a great place to see what books people are reading and find some interesting suggestions. Whether you use a Kindle or not, it could be useful.


This subreddit brings together those trying to achieve the challenging '1 book per week' objective. It does not prescribe the 52 books to read - but rather has regular threads for users to share how they are progressing, which books they have recently completed and what their upcoming reading plans are.

Fun, friendly and relaxed - great if you want to try and push yourself to read more. Personally we are not super fast readers - so this would be a challenge!


Another image focused subreddit. This is dedicated to beautiful photographs of redditors bookshelves. Share your own or let the images inspire you to fill up those shelves!

“Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.” - Henry Ward Beecher

Trying to remember that amazing you book you read 10 years ago? It's on the tip of your tongue but you can't quite get the name of it?

Well this subreddit might help you. Does what it says on the tin - helps find book titles based on whatever description you can muster. Scrolling through you will see that not all posts get solved, but many do. Try your luck, or maybe help someone else find the name of that title.


Last but not least, we have r/bookexchange. This community is where you can tell your fellow redditors what book you [want] and what you are willing to [send]. It's a great way to exchange books you have already read for new material.

Fancy giving it a go? Check out the subreddit and get involved.


Did we miss any big ones? Drop us a comment here or on our Facebook Page so we can check it out!

If reddit isn't your thing, we have also compiled a list of the best Reading websites that can help you find great books to read.

Share this article if you think it was helpful!


Please note: This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures over here.

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