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The Best Reading Lists

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

We love sending you our quotes and reading suggestions each week (sign up if you haven't already). One of the things that inspired us to contribute was the value we got ourselves reading the blogs and book recommendations from across the internet.

So we hope this will be useful. Take the time to check out these other sites and collections and enjoy finding new and exciting things to read.

Have your own favourite sources? Drop us a comment on our Facebook Page.


1. gatesnotes

This is our all time favourite! Bill Gates is a voracious reader, carrying a literal 'book bag' wherever he goes (we learned this on the recent Netflix documentary about him, which we also recommend).

The site has same main sections:

  1. Summer Reads

  2. Currently in my book bag

  3. Book Reviews

I have purchased and read several of his summer reads and have never been disappointed. He seems to focus mostly on non-fiction titles centred around his main interests. I guess that's part of the allure of his reading list, it's like a window into the mind of Bill Gates... and there is clearly a lot going on in there!

Click on the image to go visit the site.

Bonus: check out his personal blog here.


2. James Clear

(The Best Books: Recommended Reading List)

If you are looking for something more comprehensive.... this is it. We stumbled across this blog and enjoyed looking through the categories and lists.

James is an author, photographer and entrepreneur. His recommended reading list covers both non-fiction and fiction titles.

The best; mystery, science, biographies, philosophy, novels, business etc etc... you get the picture!

Click the image to take a look yourself.

I am confident there will be at least one book that catches your eye.


Less of a specific reading list or selection of recommended books, this site is a service that can help you discover new books to read.

It works by inviting you to enter the name of a specific book or author into the search bar. Once you select a title it will provide a quite long list of suggested books to read.

It seems to use categories and tags to suggest relevant titles related to the book you enter. Either way it is a quick, free and easy way to hop from the book you just finished (and enjoyed) to the your next!


4. New York Magazine

Each month nymag publishes a post with a reading list. What’s nice is that the monthly list has a different focus each time.

For example, things like:

- the best books for understanding socialism

- the 13 best personal finance books

- the best books in how to raise toddlers

You get the idea. Click on the image or on here to visit the site.


5. The Reading Lists

The Reading Lists is a beautifully curated site run by a self-confessed book nerd called Phil. A bit like us, he has a passion for reading and wants people to read more.

Helping do that by creating lists of excellent books to read. Weeding out the duds so that we can all get more out of the reading we do. Phil has created a huge number of collections as well as interesting interviews with authors. We really recommend you check this site out and sign up to his newsletter. We have!

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